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Landing that entry level tech job can sometimes feel like a challenge. But even if you don't have a ton of experience, knowing how to write an effective resume can help you get your foot in the door.

Follow these 4 resume writing tips to help you showcase your skills.

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1. Include These Resume Sections

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  • Name and Contact Information: your email and phone number

  • Professional Summary or "About Me" (Optional): describe your passion for the field and your relevant skills and experience

  • Work Experience: list any relevantpart-time, full-time, freelance, or temporary jobs; internships; co-ops; and volunteer positions

  • Skills: include skills that are relevant or helpful to the workplace such as your IT skills, and proficiency level with computer programs and software

  • Education: degrees, certificates, or relevant coursework

Example Resume

Remember to format each section professionally and in a way that's easy for the hiring manager to read.

Here's an example resume format.

Example resume outlining clear sections for contact information, skills, education, about me, and experience.

2. Highlight Your Transferable Skills

Even if you don't have direct relevant experience, highlighting your transferable skills can show employers that you have valuable skills to transfer to the job.

Transferable skills are soft or hard skills that can be transferred from one career to another

Soft Skills Include:

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  • Teamwork

  • Problem solving

  • Leadership experience

Hard Skills Include:

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  • Experience using software such as Powerpoint and Photoshop

  • Computer programming skills


What are some examples of transferable skills a sales associate would have for an IT support position?

3. Match Your Resume To The Job Description

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  • Tailor your resume to every job and make it specific to the company - no "cookie cutter" resumes!

  • Make sure to highlight how you match the job requirements including relevant work experience, skills, and educational requirements.

Highlight your technical skills related to the position such as your proficiency with computer programs, software/platforms, databases, coding languages, and tools. You can also include your skill levels for each.



Expert: CSS, HTML, Javascript

Intermediate: Adobe Photoshop, In Design

Learning: Python, Visual Studio

4. Highlight Your Accomplishments

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  • Show, don't tell! Consider providing a link to your portfolio and samples of your work on your resume to showcase your skills.

  • Include your major accomplishments. Are you a computer programming student with a 4.0 GPA? Or perhaps you've won first place in a hackathon. Highlight your talents!

  • Where possible, quantify your achievements and the results of your work using data and numbers.


"Tutored and mentored 8 computer programming student peers."

"Collaborated on the development of a new user interface which increased customer satisfaction by 25%."

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