You decided to become an active citizen and commit to being a volunteer. Now all you have to do is search for the perfect opportunity and....

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Oh no! It seems like there are a million and one non-profits to choose from. How are you ever going to select the right one?

Luckily, you'll just need a little self-reflection. Ask yourself the right questions about volunteering so you can choose the best volunteer opportunity for you.

Does It Spark Joy?

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First and foremost, the opportunity has to be something you're interested in!

Ask yourself:

  • Does it address a social justice issue you're invested in?

  • Do you feel passionate about it?

  • Does it make you want to learn more?

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Is It Local?

Hard To Swallow Pills: you don't have to go abroad to volunteer

Simply put: you know your own community and its needs best! Forget the plane ticket and focus not on where you can go, but what you can do.

By choosing a local opportunity, you will:

Does It Fit?

Logistics, logistics, logistics! The best opportunity will fit with your lifestyle.

Ask yourself:

  • Is it virtual or in-person?

  • Can you afford it?

  • Do you have enough time to make the commitment?

You'll have to be present to make a difference.

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Nadya is in college and has class until 3 pm. Which is the best opportunity for her?

Evening elementary math tutor

Volunteer for a homeless shelter

Lunch server at a soup kitchen

Morning crossing guard for a school

Can You Give Back?

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Once upon a time, someone else taught you something. Now it's your turn!

Do you:

  • Like to cook at home? Volunteer with a soup kitchen!

  • Enjoy playing sports? Teach kids basketball!

  • Know a lot about computers? Offer your tech skills for free to a non-profit!

Choose an opportunity that allows you to share your unique knowledge. 

Take Action

Get started!

Here are some things you can do right now:

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