With technological advancement redefining our jobs, understanding how to cultivate original ideas becomes increasingly more important.

According to the World Economic Forum, there is a rising demand for soft skills, such as creativity, analytical thinking, innovation, and active learning.

In fact, creativity is related to 9 of the top 10 skills that global executives consider essential. Yet, we still find uncertainty and misconceptions surrounding this concept.

Many believe that creativity belongs to arts and do not recognize themselves as the “creative types”.

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Myths About Creativity

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MYTH #1: You are either born creative or not.

Creative people are not some sort of special breed. Everyone has creativity at different times! It’s not a superpower that remains at a constant capacity throughout our lives.

MYTH #2: You need the right conditions to be creative.

When we are faced with a challenge, we often feel in need of a perfect setting to unleash our inner creativity. But you can be creative in any situation!

MYTH #3: Constraints kill creativity.

It’s widely believed that truly original ideas come from creative freedom and unlimited resources. But constraints can help you find new ways to solve problems.

MYTH #4: It’s not your job to be creative.

Some presume that there is no room for creativity in traditional work environments, or creativity only relates to specific departments in an organization like advertising. But creativity happens in every industry and job.

Characteristics Of Highly Creative People

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  1. Flexibility: Adopt a mindset that suggests there may be more than a single answer or solution to any particular issue or problem.

  2. Intense Curiosity: Creative thinkers are fascinated with the world around them. They ask lots of questions, and tend to develop a very intense focus.

  3. Positive Attitude: A positive attitude is essential for thinking creatively, as positivity encourages the mind to find solutions.

  4. Strong Motivation and Determination: You need to stick to your vision so you can see it through, especially when facing challenges.

  5. Fearlessness: Creative people do not seem to be worried about whether their idea is right or wrong because they believe that their idea brings value whether it is used or not.


Which of these is NOT a quality of creative thinking?

Easy Ways To Boost Creativity

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  1. There are many small changes you can make to your workspace and daily life to encourage creativity.

  2. The healthier we feel, the more creative we tend to be. According to a Stanford study, compared to sitting, walking while brainstorming can demonstrate a 60 % increase in the creative output.

  3. Letting your ideas to “simmer” for a while is important when it comes to your creative success. No wonder it is said that the best ideas come to us while in a shower.

Take Action

We are all creative, no matter how old we are or what our industry and job position is. Cultivating and nurturing creativity is not all that complicated. It is a natural part of being a human – it only takes time, practice and motivation to train and grow your “creative muscle”.

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