Being professional at work is important! You are more likely to get and keep a job if you act, dress, and speak professionally.

Dress Professionally

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Dressing professionally will:

  • Make a positive first impression

  • Show others that you take your job seriously

  • Encourage you to be productive

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How you dress professionally depends on workplace culture, and the job itself:

  • If your job requires safety equipment (eg. construction) wear it properly.

  • If you work in an office, have on a clean outfit and neat appearance.

  • If you get messy at your job (eg. a cook) have a clean outfit for your next shift.

Act Professionally

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While at work avoid engaging with distractions. You're here to do your job and do it well.

Acting professionally will:

  • Allow you to focus on doing a good job.

  • Help your employer recognize your skills.

Speak Professionally

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Speaking professionally is especially important in job interviews and before you fully know what the workplace conventions are at that particular job.

Speak professionally by:

  • Avoiding slang or swear words.

  • Using proper grammar.

  • Saving non-work conversations for your break.


Today is your first day at your new job - congratulations! The most appropriate approach to greeting someone at your new workplace would be:

The Halo Effect

The halo effect is when we judge someone's personality based on one noticeable characteristic.

Watch the video for an example:

Use the halo effect to your advantage! Dressing, acting, and speaking professionally at work can all signal to others that you are competent at your job.

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