Applying for jobs is so easy and so much fun! (said no one ever)

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Let's be honest....applying for jobs is not an easy task. But have no fear — there are ways to motivate yourself in this process!

Have A Schedule

It may seem productive to spend all day submitting job applications, but if you don't have a strategy and schedule in place, your efforts may backfire.

Be strategic in your search with a dedicated schedule! It can look like this:

  1. 30 minutes to search company websites and job boards

  2. 30 minutes to identify appropriate network contacts from companies you are interested in

  3. 30 minutes to draft emails to the contacts to request a coffee chat

  4. 1 hour dedicated to practicing interview questions

A work calendar

Have A Support Network

Sometimes your job search can lead you to a dead end — perhaps you went through the job and interview process without any luck.

During times like this, having a support system can really help to stay motivated.

Your support network can consist of:

  • family

  • friends

  • previous co-workers

  • classmates

  • mentors

  • acquaintances in your social media network

That last bullet is a special one! We are now in a digital space where you can find support through social media channels.


How can the support network help you stay motivated?

Continue With Your Hobbies

Job searches can take up a lot of time. While searching, ensure that you are keeping up with your hobbies — whether these are fitness related, creative, etc.

Not only will your hobbies keep you engaged in your daily life routine, but they may even lead you to some unplanned networking!

Here's an example:

Imagine you're exercising at the gym, and you see someone holding a water bottle with the brand logo of your dream company. This is your perfect opportunity to approach this person and introduce yourself. You never know who they can introduce you to.

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Take Action

On a weekly basis, ensure you are doing the following to stay motivated in your job search:

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