Missing class may leave you feeling confused and hopeless.

How will I catch up?

It's a good idea to attend every class, but sometimes you can't help it if you're sick or have an emergency. Don't worry, all is not lost. With a little planning, you can catch up.

Just don't make it a habit!

Plan Ahead

time for a back-up plan

If you know in advance that you'll miss class, what can you do so you don't fall too far behind?

  • Check the syllabus for what will be covered

  • Email your professor to let them know and ask how you can work ahead

  • Ask a classmate to take extra detailed notes for you

Do Your Homework

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Before reaching out to others for help, do all you can on your own to catch up.

  • Read the assigned textbook reading

  • Review slides or videos from your professor

  • Try doing the class assignment

  • Make a list of questions about the topic

Go To Your Professor's Office Hours

I have questions

Visiting your professor's office during their designated office hours doesn't replace attending class, but it's a great next step after you've done your homework.

  • Ask outstanding questions

  • Fill in gaps in understanding

  • Get guidance on next steps

Join A Study Group

group of students studying together

Use the collective knowledge of your classmates to catch up and make sure you understand the material.

They can also offer different perspectives to help you understand new concepts.

Study groups can help by:

  • Sharing class notes

  • Filling you in on what you missed

  • Explaining difficult concepts

  • Quizzing you to prepare for exams

What Would You Do?


You have a doctor's appointment in two weeks during class.

You reached out to your professor to let them know you'll miss class.

They told you which pages to read in the textbook and sent you the slides for that class.

Your friend is in the same class and agreed to give you a copy of their notes.


What's your next step to catch up?

Take Action

You've gotta catch up!

Make every effort to attend class, but if you can't:


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