What's your initial reaction when an interviewer asks you about relocating for a job?

Are you excited by the prospect?

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Or do you cringe at the thought?

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Moving to a new location can be stressful, so it's best to carefully consider this decision and follow your instincts.

How To Say "Yes"

Did you know that people under age 35 are the most willing to relocate for work?

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If you're open to relocating, you're in a great position to respond.

Say something like: "I'm very excited by this role and the value that I can bring to the team. I would welcome the opportunity to relocate now or in the future. "

Remember to talk about the role and your skills, and not just the opportunity to relocate.

How To Say "No"

Relocating may not be possible for you right now, but how do you say no without ruining your chances at the job?

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If you're not able to relocate, then be honest with yourself and your employer.

Say something like: "I'm very interested in this position, but moving is not an option for me right now. I can work remotely or travel though if that's a possibility. "

It's important to show that you're still interested in the position and have some flexibility even if you can't relocate.

How To Say "It Depends"

If you're applying for a job where your skills are in high demand, you could use this opportunity to ask for relocation support or a higher salary to cover additional living costs.

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If your decision to relocate depends on the location or other factors, then include those considerations in your response.

Say something like: "I'm very excited about this position and would consider relocating for it. Can you tell me more about the location or if there's any relocation support?"

Employers know that moving is a big decision and will understand if you have some questions.

Take Action

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Relocating can be an amazing experience with many opportunities, but it's not for everyone. Before your interview:


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