Did you know that over half of job interviews now happen over Zoom?

If you find yourself with an upcoming Zoom interview, you may be wondering how you can present your best self through the screen via your choice of clothing.

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Apply the following three tips and you'll look polished and professional for any interview over Zoom.

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Tip #1: Dress to Fit the Company Culture

Even though you won't be visiting the workplace in person for your interview, it's important to convey through the screen that you're a good "fit" for the company with your choice of clothing.

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  • Find out if the company has a dress code for employees (search the company website, or ask the hiring manager or recruiter, if possible). If they do, be sure to follow it when dressing for your interview.

  • If the company has a social media presence, look for pictures featuring employees at the office. This can give you a good idea of what kind of job interview clothing is expected.

  • When in doubt, always dress a bit more formally than you think the situation may require.

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Tip #2: Avoid Distractions

In an interview, you want the focus to be on your skills and qualifications for the job — not your appearance. This is especially true over Zoom, where it's all too easy to be distracted by what we're seeing on the screen.

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To keep the focus on you and your skillset, avoid the following:

  • Anything you might unconsciously fidget with, such as scarves, straps, or tassels.

  • Accessories that might make unnecessary noise, such as bangle bracelets, large dangle earrings, or loose belt buckles.

  • Eye-catching materials and embellishments such as sequins, sparkles, pins, bright colors, or bold prints.

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Tip #3: Play It Safe

When choosing an outfit for your Zoom interview, consider how your clothing will look with your background. Experts recommend opting for neutral clothing colors (such as black, gray, navy, brown, khaki, and white), and solids instead of prints.

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Wear pants and shoes that match the formality of your top. Even though they most likely won't be seen over Zoom, there's a chance you may need to get up or reach for something during the interview.

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Which clothing items below are appropriate for a Zoom interview?

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