Are you trying to determine a long-term career plan and don't know where to start?

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I felt the same way. I went to college for psychology but wasn't aware of the potential careers I could explore within the field. After researching online and giving it a lot of thought, I eventually found my passion. I went to graduate school and today I'm happily working in the human resources field.

Preparing yourself adequately for potential careers can help avoid any career confusion down the road. But don't worry, it's completely normal to be unsure of the direction you want to go. These tips will help you figure it out!

1. Research Potential Interests

The best way to decide on future long-term career goals is to fully understand your own interests, skills, and personal abilities through research.

Research potential career fields using your best resource: THE INTERNET! A woman scrolling phone and saying,

Taking personality and career interest quizzes can also be a great option for helping you narrow down areas of interest if you're unsure where to start.

2. Consider Industry Growth

As a first-generation college student myself, I often worried about graduating college and then not getting a job in my field.

So, I found it helpful to research industry growth and specific job position growth.

This can also be helpful for:

  • Determining the field/industry that's a practical option for you

  • Determining salary expectations

  • Understanding potential career development down the line

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3. Consider the Long Term

After researching things like what I might be interested in, and determining whether it was a realistic option in terms of growth, I then had to consider how this position would align with my personal interests and abilities.

Ask yourself:

  • How does this position align with my major?

  • Would I be good at this job?

  • Would I enjoy this job?

  • Will the salary support the lifestyle I hope to have?

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