Do you find that you have trouble focusing on your work? Do you ever feel like you have worked all day and accomplished nothing?

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Maybe it's time for something new. You might benefit from trying deep work!

What is deep work?

Deep work is a term developed by Cal Newport, a computer science professor at Georgetown University.

Deep work is a state of peak concentration that lets you learn hard things and create quality work quickly.

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It happens when we purposely make time for difficult or complex tasks, setting aside all distractions. Since this type of work is more demanding for our brains, we need longer periods of complete focus to accomplish these projects.

Deep work vs. shallow work

Deep work and shallow work are opposites. Shallow work refers to logistical-type tasks. These are things that can be done while you're distracted that may require switching from task to task and don't require extreme focus.

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Deep Work Examples

  • Writing a proposal

  • Developing a business strategy

  • Analyzing complex data

Shallow Work Examples

  • Answering emails

  • Logging time sheets

  • Returning calls


Which of the following is an example of deep work?

Benefit 1: Increase your focus

The ability to do deep work is a skill and, like any skill, the more you work on it the better you become.

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At first, getting rid of all distractions may be difficult. However, as you begin using deep work for longer periods of time, you'll find that it becomes easier. You'll be able to go from 45 minutes of deep work to multiple hours every day.

Benefit 2: Increase productivity and momentum

When engaging in deep work you learn challenging subjects and produce quality work quickly.

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When you take away distractions, it allows you to focus on the task you're working on without interruption. As you focus faster and longer, you'll get more done in less time.

The more time you spend engaging in deep work, the more your concentration improves, and the better the quantity and quality of your work becomes.

Benefit 3: Feel energized and empowered

Completing quality work efficiently will make you feel more fulfilled and accomplished.

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When we accomplish a difficult goal or task, we feel pride, along with a sense of purpose and satisfaction. Deep work helps us put a value on our time and use the time we have to better achieve our goals.

Take Action

With so many benefits to engaging in deep work, why not try it out and see if it helps your productivity, focus, and satisfaction?

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Try the steps below to get started on the path to working deeply today!


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