You're almost through your job interview when you're asked that ominous question:

"What is your biggest weakness?"

Your heart starts racing and you think...

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To answer this question effectively, it's important to understand why it's being asked.

Indeed's editorial team says:

Hiring managers ask about your greatest weakness to evaluate your self-awareness. They are looking for two main insights: your weakness and the steps you’re taking to improve. 

Address Your Weakness

  • Be honest

  • Share a weakness that wouldn't impact your performance for this job

Example: You're interviewing for a sales job that requires a lot of client meetings.

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"I'm unfamiliar with some of the latest software."

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"I'm an introvert and can come across as anti-social."

Showcase Your Improvements

  • Share how you're improving on your weakness

  • Share the results of your efforts

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"I'm taking an online course to update my knowledge of current software. It's helped my confidence in learning and using new systems."

Woman trying to speak to a man at his office desk while he spins in his chair in a circle to avoid her.


"I took a public speaking class to help with speaking in social settings, but I'm still shy."

Take Action

Remember, we all have our weaknesses! It's how you address your weakness and showcase your improvements that count.

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If you're feeling nervous for your next interview:


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