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Have you ever wanted to:

  • lose weight?

  • save money?

  • get a promotion?

  • learn a new skill?

  • pass a test?

  • spend more time with family?

These are all examples of short and long-term goals that you can set for self-motivation and growth!

Importance Of Goal Setting

Success or happiness rarely falls into a person's lap. So when we want to achieve something, we set a goal. And you'll find the most success when you make your goals SMART!

SMART goals are:

Specific for effective planning

Measurable and based on evidence that progress has been made

Attainable and within reach

Relevant and aligned with our values and objectives

Time Sensitive with a deadline for achievement

Short-term and Long-term goals will help you achieve success! A short-term goal is set to happen in the near future. A long-term goal is usually set to happen within a year or more. Set short-term goals to reach a long-term goal.

For example, suppose your New Year's Resolution goal is to run a marathon at the end of the year in December. This is your long-term goal. Break your goal into steps. Set another goal to be able to run a half-marathon in July. In order to reach your goal, start out with small short-term goals. Increase your time and mileage per week until you reach the desired mileage for a marathon (26.22 miles), which is your long-term goal.

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Which goal is short-term?

Take Action

Motivation to achieve happiness and success involves setting goals! Goal setting means growth and a happier, healthier, more successful YOU! You can achieve your goals with the right mindset to take action and make SMART Goals! Without goals, your path to success is only a dream without action!

What goal will you put into ACTION today to make your DREAM a reality?

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