Imagine showing up at a black-tie event in a t-shirt, shorts, and your favourite comfy sneakers. 

Everyone is confused by this, and you're sure to raise some eyebrows!

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Just like this dress code faux pas, using casual writing in a formal context could negatively impact your colleagues' opinions of you.

Writing For Work

Your writing style is determined by WHO you are writing for.

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Business writingis for an audience you do not know personally and is used for a range of work-related material - from emails and memos to business reports and presentations.

Be active, clear, and concise in your writing.

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Use an objective tone, avoid slang, revise and correct mistakes, and above all: be professional.

Now You Try It!

You need to inform a colleague about a meeting that has been rescheduled.

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Which of the following content would be appropriate for this email?

A - Meeting rescheduled to 5pm

- Dear Mr. Nate. Due to unforeseen circumstances, today's meeting has been postponed from 3pm to 5pm.

- Updated invitation: Marketing discussion (January to June) at Jun 15, 2020, 5 pm – 6.30 pm

- Hey Nate, I'm so bummed. Our meeting's bin pushed to 5 and not gonna have time to catch our usual drink together :(


Which of the above is the correct answer?

Writing For Yourself

Informal writing is used in personal settings, such as sharing a story or writing a personal blog. It is much more relaxed.

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Use shorter sentences, write and sound the way you speak.

The main objective here is to express yourself so go right ahead!

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Remember your context, though.

You still have to communicate your message.

Just because the writing is personal does not give you an excuse to be sloppy and incorrect!

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Take Action

Again: Context, context, context!

In a professional setting: your writing should always reflect favourably on you and the organization you work for.

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In an informal setting: there are no rules, but you still want to stay true to your personal standards.

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Recognize your writing style as a reflection of you, and use it to your advantage!


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