There's more than one way to make good learning. In fact, there are lots!

And while we encourage authors to be creative, there are some standards for Bytes that we ask you to follow to engage users and enhance learning.

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Bytes Are Approachable

Bytes are friendly and conversational, written at a level that a 14-year-old could understand. Plus they're short (about 5 min), and don't use any fancy jargon.

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Think of it this way: Bytes are like a healthy alternative to social media. They are quick, fun, and always offer a helpful takeaway. We do not want to replicate the feel of an academic textbook.

They're Consumable

Bytes are text light and avoid paragraphs. Aim for 3-5 sentences and at least one piece of media per content step.

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When in doubt, picture someone scrolling through your Byte at a bus stop. Is it something they could consume easily?


Which elements of consumability does this step showcase?

They're Focused

Everything in a Byte needs to tie back to the underlying learning objective (LO).


It's hard to do, because there's a lot of tangential information that is interesting and relevant.

But in order to make the most of this bite-sized format, we have to be laser focused on the LO.

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