Do either of these scenarios seem familiar?

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Jump-start or revive your career with an informational interview!

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What Is An Informational Interview?

Informational interviews (also known as coffee chats) are informal conversations that can help you find out about:

  • A new industry that you're interested in

  • Potential (future) opportunities at a company

  • A person who you admire in your field and their career experiences

Why Do They Matter?

Informational interviews can lead to many positive outcomes, such as:

  • Allowing you to learn from the other person's career successes and missteps

  • Preparing you to apply for future jobs in this field

  • Connecting you with a wider network

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In which scenario might an informational interview be helpful?

What Are They NOT?

There is one cardinal rule when it comes to informational interviews:


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"But what if that's what I am looking for?"

You might find out about opportunities during the conversation if the other person brings them up, but people can tell when you are being insincere.

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Tanisha is at an informational interview with a senior editor at a fashion magazine. Which question would be appropriate for her to ask?

Take Action

Finding a job you are passionate about can be challenging, but informational interviews are a powerful tool that can move your career in a direction you are excited about!

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Who might you ask for an informational interview?


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