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What if?

  • You work for a hospital and there's a power outage in the city?

  • You work for the city and the drinking water is contaminated?

  • You work for a call center and there is a hurricane?

If you'd like to be the person to help solve these problems, then consider a career as an emergency and disaster manager.

What Does An Emergency Disaster Manager Do?

Morpheus from the Matrix saying,

They plan!

An emergency and disaster manager will need to:

  • create contingency (backup) plans for emergency and disaster scenarios

  • be an organizational expert

  • understand and coordinate different roles involved in crisis management

Where Can You Get Work As An Emergency And Disaster Manager?

  • Private corporations

  • Schools

  • Non-Government Organizations (NGO)

  • Governments — cities, regions, and nationally

...and many more!

An Emergency And Disaster Manager Will:

  • Learn about the organization where they work.

  • Frequently meet with stakeholders to learn about how work can be interrupted.

  • Create, present, manage and execute emergency management plans.

  • Make recommendations for changes to existing processes and tools that will have less risk of interruption.

  • Work on-call with extended and irregular hours with minimal or no notice, especially during an emergency.

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Is This The Right Career For You?

An animation of a woman meditating on a cloud while her office is on fire behind her

You'll love it if...

  • You enjoy planning and organizing.

  • You like to learn new things.

  • You work well with others and are comfortable delegating tasks.

  • You can keep calm under pressure.

Look for another career path if ...

  • You like routine and structure.

  • You want a consistent 9-5 job.

  • You don't work well under stress and high-pressure situations.

But Will It Pay The Bills?

Flaticon Icon In the United States, the average salary for an emergency and disaster manager is $73,847 USD.

Flaticon Icon In Canada, the average salary for an emergency and disaster manager is $88,408 CAD .

Pick The Future Emergency And Disaster Manager

Flaticon Icon Viola

  • Very organized and known for always being prepared

  • Likes to plan before starting new things

  • Outgoing and loves meeting new people

Flaticon Icon Mo

  • Very detail-oriented

  • Likes routine

  • Often shy when meeting someone for the first time

Flaticon Icon


  • Very creative and artistic

  • Strong communicator, especially in writing

  • Prefers to work on her own


Who is the best fit for a career as an emergency and disaster manager?

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