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Electronics engineers create, design, and develop everyday devices like cell phones, navigation systems, LCD TV screens, and computers.

If you want a career with exciting opportunities in a wide variety of fields, why not be an electronics engineer?

What Do Electronics Engineers Do On A Daily Basis?

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  • work with marketing teams to understand customer needs

  • review product specifications from marketing and business analysis teams

  • create technical requirements for the product

  • design prototypes to meet the requirements

  • determine costs for prototypes

  • create and perform testing procedures to make sure prototypes work properly

  • build pre-production devices before releasing them to production

How To Become An Electronics Engineer

  • Take classes in math and sciences before you apply to electronics engineering programs

  • Complete an electronics engineering degree

  • Get practical experience in electronics engineering

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Which course would you take in high school to best prepare you for an electronics engineering career?

What Is The Average Salary For An Electronics Engineer?

Flaticon Icon In the US the average salary for an Electronics Engineer is $80,037 USD

Flaticon Icon In Canada, the average salary for an Electronics Engineer is $64,224 CAD

You'll Love It If ...

  • you're good at science and math

  • you like making things more efficient

  • you're excited about creating something new

  • you enjoy the challenge of solving interesting problems

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Look For Another Career Path if...

  • you're not an abstract thinker

  • you don't like troubleshooting

  • you're not interested in figuring out how things work

  • you're not committed to additional study hours outside the classroom A person wiping his eyes in boredom

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