Do you have a passion for playing video games?

Are you creative and a good story-teller?

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If you answered YES to these two questions, then becoming a video game designer might be the right fit for you!

But how do you know if you'd enjoy being a videogame designer? Jot down these notes!

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What Do Video Game Designers Do?

Video game designers create interactive worlds for players to inhabit by

  • Proposing and developing new game and game play ideas

  • Developing storylines, plots, layouts, characters, rules of play, and levels of difficulty within games

  • Developing creative ways of navigating games and paying attention to detail in design

  • Conducting research on gaming trends and doing play tests to refine the gaming experience

  • Improving existing games

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What Qualifications And Training Do You Need?

You will need :

  • An associate’s or bachelor's degree in computer games design, graphic design, or animation. If you already have a degree in another field, consider supplementing it with game design certificate courses offered on Coursera or LinkedIn Learning.

  • Practical experience in video game design via internship, apprenticeship, or volunteering.

  • A portfolio of games that you have designed to show future employers.

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What are some key skills of a video game designer?

Where Do Video Game Designers Work?

Gaming Companies

Production of Video Games

Flaticon Icon Top gaming companies include :

  • Nintendo

  • Microsoft

  • Sony Interactive Entertainment

Marketing Companies

Creating Ads for Video Games

Flaticon Icon Top marketing companies include:

  • Ubisoft

  • Kairos Esports

  • Viral Nation

You'll Love It Because...

  • You get to make your own games

  • You get to be creative and work with others

  • You get to play games as part of the job

  • You can do more than entertain

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Think About Another Career Path If...

  • You don't like sitting at a desk and working at a computer all day

  • You don't like to spend time on attention to detail

  • You don’t like “crunching” — working longer hours than normal to meet deadlines

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Will It Pay The Bills?

Flaticon Icon In the U.S.A, the average salary for a Video Game Designer is $64,000 USD

Flaticon Icon In Canada, the average salary for a Video Game Designer is $54,000 CAD

Pick The Future Video Game Designer


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  • Loves working with others to complete designs

  • Doesn't care much for writing detailed storylines


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  • Is currently completing an apprenticeship in video game design

  • Does not enjoy doing play tests to refine the gaming experience


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  • Is a good story-teller and puts a lot of attention into the setting of a story

  • Has a flexible schedule and can work odd hours when necessary


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  • Draws complex characters with elaborate costumes and superpowers

  • Sitting at a computer for long periods of time strains his eyes


Who sounds like the best fit for a career in Video Game Design?

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