Do you dream of doing this?

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And this?

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But your inner voice says this?

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How do you know if theatre acting is right for you?

What Do Actors Really Do?

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Actors tell stories as part of a team. They:

  • Rehearse scenes with directors, writers, choreographers, musicians, and other actors

  • Collaborate with costume designers and makeup artists to create characters

  • Coordinate with lighting, sound and/or camera technicians to "stage" the action

They also:

  • Memorize lines for auditions and performances

  • Research histories and places to understand their characters

  • Play with their imagination

There is no I in team

Where Do Theatre Actors Work?

You know they work in theatres performing shows:

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Did you know they also work in:

  • Schools - teaching drama

  • Heritage sites - reenacting historical events

  • Community arts - helping communities tell their stories

  • Sign language performing - for concerts and theatre

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Where else might theatre actors work?

Do The Skills Pay The Bills?

It is hard to nail down what actors earn but here are some numbers that might help:

  • $18,500 CAD: Average annual income of actors in Canada

  • $1,900 USD: Minimum weekly rate for Broadway performers

  • $646.37 CAD: Minimum weekly rate for a Theatre for Young Audiences tour in Canada in 2021

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There can be non-salary benefits too!

  • Health and dental care

  • Pensions

  • Profit-sharing and residuals

  • Life insurance

Lots of actors have part-time jobs to make ends meet.

Every day I'm hustlin'

Who Would Enjoy Working As An Actor?

You might love a career as an actor if you…

  • love to perform any chance you get

  • are curious about meeting new people and going new places

  • thrive on variety instead of the same thing every day

  • can budget your money

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You might want to think twice if you...

  • are happier being backstage

  • need a routine and familiar surroundings

  • want a regular paycheck

  • really don’t like rejection

Yeah, that's gonna be a no from me dawg


Which of these are part of life as an actor?

Take Action

What do you need to do next?

Get experience and training!

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Where do you start?

Right where you are!

And then?

Start living your dream one day at a time!

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