Don't you just hate it when you buy a new phone or downloaded a new video game and it keeps crashing? Or worse yet, if it doesn't work at all?

How many times has that happened to you? Man fanning computer that is smoking

Well, this is exactly the problem a security and QA analyst resolves!

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These are the folks who test products and/or services to ensure they work as intended and that there aren't any security threats.

What Is Security And Q.A. Analysis Really?

A security analyst makes sure that the product or service is impenetrable.

They test for any cracks, leaks, backdoors and more through which malware or intruders could steal information.

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QA stands for quality assurance.

QA analysts are responsible for the last step in the production of a product or service to guarantee its quality so that the company can release it confidently.

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What Will Your Day Be Like?

  • It starts off with a lot of testing: sometimes to the product's breaking point.

  • Once you've figured out its weaknesses and vulnerabilities, you work on fixing them.

  • At last, you have a product/service that has been put through your strict and harsh testing and quality assurance methods and proved to come out flawlessly!

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But Who Would Hire You?

If only you knew how much we rely on security and QA analysts to get our hands on those fancy new phones, game consoles, apps, and more. Without them, you could end up with broken buggy bricks!

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Security and QA analysts are needed in nearly all fields that offer a tech product or service, including positions such as:

  • QA analyst

  • Customer care agent

  • Application tester

  • Information security analyst

  • Help desk technician

  • Software tester

Is The Job Right For You?

Before diving into a career as a security and QA analyst, consider the following:

✅ Do you like to play around with and test things?

✅ Do you enjoy breaking stuff and putting it back together again?

✅ Does looking for flaws and bugs excite you?

✅ Do you see perfection as a pathway rather than a destination?

Flaticon Icon If yes, a career as a security and QA analyst may be right for you!

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