Do you...

  • love furry pets?

  • like to move around while working?

  • enjoy talking to people?

  • want to get paid for working with furbabies?

A career in pet grooming may be right for you!

A cat laying on a dog; both bodies are relaxed. Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash

What does a pet groomer do?

Pet groomers provide hygiene and appearance services for (mainly) cats and dogs.

Cat walking on a wooden bridge wearing sunglasses, a gold chain, and black jacket.

On a typical day you might:

  • Clean and freshen pet hair by washing, shampooing, and conditioning

  • Shave, trim, and style pet hair according to the owners' preferences 

  • Maintain overall pet hygiene by clipping nails, brushing teeth, and cleaning ears  

  • Keep a clean workstation by sanitizing and sweeping before the arrival of each new client and at the end of each workday

  • Advise pet parents on at-home care tips and best practices for their fur babies


Which of these it NOT something a pet groomer would do?

What qualities make a good match?

You'd make a good pet groomer if you're:

  • Comfortable working with animals, including anxious ones 

  • Able to stand for a couple of hours at a time and lift heavy pets 

  • Willing to learn new skills and techniques on the job 

  • A good verbal communicator. Bonus if you speak more than one language! 

  • Detail-oriented

A woman scratching a dog's neck. The dog has front paws on woman's shoulders and tail is wagging.

Where do pet groomers work?

  • Pet salons

  • Pet stores

  • Pet daycares

  • Animal rescue shelters

  • Anywhere you choose — start your own pet grooming business and be your own boss!

Small white, long haired dog standing on table while man combs fur. Photo by Александр Гросс on Unsplash

What about the money?

  • U.S. salaries range from $29,249-$44,690 with an average of $35,810

  • Canada salaries range from $35,000-$47,880 with an average of $39,000

dog dressed in a sweater, sitting at a work desk, holding a phone to ear, and twirling a pen - Bitcoin Altcoin GIF by BitPal

You will love it if you...

  • enjoy being up close and personal with cats and dogs

  • like learning new skills on the job

  • are customer-service oriented

an orange, beige and white long haired cat with fur on head styled in a straight up rock and roll fashion

Look for another career if you...

  • are afraid of dogs and cats

  • want to sit for most of the work day

  • dislike interacting with people (all pets have owners, after all!)

an animated cat wearing a swashbuckler hat and pointing a fencing foil at the viewer, text reads Fear Me!

Take Action


If you think being a pet groomer might be a great match for you:

  • Go with a friend and observe their pet being groomed

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter to gain experience

  • Talk to a pet groomer about their career

  • Check job boards for openings in your area and the qualifications needed

  • Research the costs and legal requirements to start your own pet grooming business

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