Would you like to work in healthcare, education, research and development, or for the government? Do you like solving problems with numbers and thinking outside the box?

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Then being a mathematician is for you!

What Do Mathematicians Do?

You could help NASA with getting a satellite into space calculating trajectories to the moon and beyond.

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You could work with electronics companies to analyze the probability of their product working and the costs to produce them.

You could teach kids the basic operations, geometry and its applications, and how to apply algebra in the real-world.

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You could work for a sports team analyzing data like game statistics.

What's The Pay?

Average Pay in the US

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Median $93,290 USD per year

Average Pay in Canada

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$75,000-95,000 CAN per year

To Love It Or Leave It?

What would make someone love a career as a mathematician?

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  • Loves to work with shapes

  • Good at analyzing data

  • Loves to think outside the box

  • Excited by challenging problems

What would make someone avoid a career as a mathematician?

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  • Doesn't like algebra

  • Doesn't like solving complicated problems with numbers

  • Intimidated by challenging problems


Where are you most likely to find jobs in as a mathematician?

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