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Do librarians get paid to read all day? Not quite!

Reading is an essential skill but there’s so much more to know if you are considering a career as a librarian.

How Do Librarians Contribute?

Increasing access to information is a core part of being a librarian.

Librarians help people find information no matter what shape it takes!

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What Do Librarians Do?

On a day to day basis librarians might:

  • Develop programs for library users

  • Order books/ebooks and other materials

  • Fix a broken computer

  • Assist job seekers

  • Answer questions via phone, email, or chat

  • Prepare a budget

  • Supervise other employees

  • Help with research projects

  • Suggest books based on reading level or interests

  • Digitize materials for online access

  • Publish articles in academic journals

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Where Do Librarians Work?

  • Public librarians work in their communities and serve all members of the public.

  • Academic librarians work for colleges and universities and assist students and faculty with research.

  • School librarians work in schools at the elementary and secondary level to support the literacy and research skills of students.

  • Special librarians can work for corporations, law offices, museums, and medical environments. They serve the very specific information needs of those organizations.

    Libraries and users in varying environments

Will It Pay The Bills?

Flaticon Icon The average yearly salary for a librarian in Canada is C$60,782.

Flaticon Icon The average yearly salary for a librarian in the United States is $60,013.

You'll Love Being A Librarian If:

  • You’re a lifelong learner and willing to continually update your knowledge and skills.

  • You’re great at explaining information in ways that people can understand.

  • You love working as part of a team.

  • You’re looking for a fulfilling career helping others.

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Which of these skills would be useful for a librarian to have?

Consider Another Path If:

  • You don’t consider yourself a people person.

  • You think being a librarian will be a quiet and calm job.

  • You don't want to go to graduate school.

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