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Amy Santiago asks,

If you also have skills in the areas of:

  • Clear communication

  • Time management

  • Critical thinking

...then a career as a legal administrative assistant may be a good fit for you!

What does a legal assistant do?

Duties generally include:

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  • Preparing legal documents (deeds, wills, and affidavits)

  • Ensuring that legal documents are free from errors and comply with the law via proofreading

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  • Administrative tasks such as organizing files, scheduling appointments and meetings

  • Opening office mail and distributing it to recipients

  • Communicating with other departments or organizations

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  • Taking notes in court, meetings, or conferences

  • Converting written notes or dictations into legal briefs


What would NOT be part of a legal assistant's duties?

Where do legal assistants work?

A lawyer

  • Law offices

Government building

  • Government

A real estate agent

  • Real estate companies

Land title document

  • Land title offices


  • Municipal, regional, and federal courts

A large company

  • Legal departments of large companies

Job Prospects

Across Canada, the median wage for legal assistants is $24.73/hr. Wages are the highest in Western Canada, the highest being Alberta's median wage at $28.85/hr.

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Job prospects across the Canadian provinces are moderate to good. According to the Government of Canada, "for legal administrative assistants, over the period 2022-2031, new job openings are expected to total 18,000."

In the US, the average pay for legal secretaries nationwide is $25/hr. Minnesota has the highest average wage ($27.51) while Florida has the lowest ($18.53).

According to ZipRecruiter, the average pay varies greatly, suggesting that the pay depends on skill and years of experience, so there are lots of opportunities for advancement in career path! Flaticon Icon

Education Requirements

To be a legal administrative assistant, usually you need to complete:

  • High school

  • A one- or two-year college or other program for secretaries or legal secretaries

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