Ella is cutting and styling hair at a trendy, upbeat hair salon. She helps clients look and feel their best!

Ella loves the energy and excitement of the salon! She loves the chance to be creative working with people!

Woman working in a hair salon.

Do you have a passion for hair styles? Are you creative about hair styling?

How do you know if hairstyling is right for you?

What Do They Do?

Hair up close between fingers.  Hairdressers make their clients look and feel their best by bringing their hair visions come to life.

At its core, hairstyling is about helping someone feel better about themselves and brightening their day! The best hairstylists aren’t just stylists, they are people who really care about making someone happy.

What Might A Typical Day Look Like?

  • Wash, cut, color and style hair

  • Make customers feel at ease

  • Customer service

  • Schedule appointments

  • Keep a tidy work area

  • Sanitize hair styling tools

  • Develop new customers

  • Manage their time

  • Have physical stamina to stand on their feet a lot

A picture showing a day in the life of a hairstylist: provide cut and blow-dry, braid and weave, colour hair, help customers


What are some things that a hairstylist may do each day?

But Will It Pay The Bills?

In the United States, the average yearly salary for a hairstylist can range from $18,000-52,000.

The Canadian Flag.  Photo by Cris DiNoto on Unsplash

In Canada, the average yearly salary for a hairstylist can range from C$25,000-43,000.

You Will Love It If..

  • You enjoy working with people

  • Have a passion for hair styles

  • You can handle a lot of responsibility

  • You have the physical stamina to stand on your feet all day

  • You enjoy helping people look their best

  • You can keep a tidy and clean work area

Look For Another Career Path If...

  • You do not like working with people

  • You do not like touching hair

  • You won't like being on your feet all day

  • You don't want to be tied to client or salon schedules

  • It is hard for you to keep a clean work area and disinfect tools

Two photos of hairstylists at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day.


What are some things to consider before becoming a hairstylist?

How Can I Become A Hairstylist In The United States?

Hairstylists must obtain a license in order to work

Qualifications for a license vary by state, but generally, a person must meet this criteria:

  • 16 years of age or older

  • High school diploma or GED

  • Graduated from a state-licensed cosmetology school

  • Take the state exam that includes a written test, possibly a practical test of styling skills or oral exam


What are the state educational requirements to become a hairstylist in the US?

How Can I Become A Hairstylist In Canada?

In Canada you'll need to complete a 37-week hairstylist program where you will:

  • Learn skills to be a 1st year apprentice

  • Spend time between the classroom and salon

  • Complete a 3 week work term before graduating

After school you will complete an apprenticeship, making you eligible for theory and practical exams and earning your Red Seal Certification.

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What is the criteria for becoming a hairstylist in Canada?

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