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Explore the role of a fashion photographer to see if the fashion world is for you!

What Does a Fashion Photographer Do?

A photographer is behind a camera and wants to take a photo

Fashion photographers...

  • Search for and travel to photoshoot locations.

  • Connect with clients to align photoshoot themes with their brand image.

  • Set up camera equipment and lightning.

  • Communicate with models and set their poses.

  • Edit photos to create images that clients want for their projects.

How Does a Fashion Photographer Contribute to Society?

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Fashion photography shows how society changes. For example, in the 1950s, models looked cold and stiff, which reflected the idea that women were supposed to be passive and obedient.

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However, not all fashion photography carries political messages. At times, it's simply about commerce or highlighting beauty in various forms. Fashion photography plays an important role in establishing the brand identity of fashion houses and connecting with their audiences effectively.

Where Does a Fashion Photographer Work?

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Meet Alex, a fashion photographer for a fancy magazine. Every week, he takes awesome photos of the newest styles from the streets to fancy catwalks. His photos will be in magazines, showing off recent trends. He works with famous models, goes to cool events, and makes the fashion world look super stylish.

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Meet Sarah, a fashion photographer for a clothing store. Every day, she takes cool photos of clothes to make them look attractive to shoppers. Sarah takes pictures for both the shop's website and window displays. She helps the store sell its latest styles and make shopping a stylish adventure.

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Meet Peter, a fashion photographer at an ad agency. Peter takes amazing photos that make products look super stylish for big brands. His photos will be on billboards and ads. He turns clothes into awesome art for everyone to see.

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Meet Alice, a freelance fashion photographer. She works independently and takes pictures for different brands and magazines. Alice is her own boss. It's just herself and her camera making fashion look amazing.


Steve wants to become a fashion photographer. He is new to the industry. He wants a job that will help them gain key relevant skills. Where should he look for work? Select all that apply:

How to Become a Fashion Photographer?

A fashion photographer tossing and catching a lens in mid air. Photo by Ionela Mat on Unsplash

  • No formal education is necessarily required.

  • Complete an apprenticeship under the guidance of an experienced photographer.

  • Improve your artistic, technical, and interpersonal abilities during the apprenticeship.

  • Master photography editing to improve each shot.

  • Create a portfolio to present your skills.

  • Network and market yourself to various groups in the fashion industry.

  • Take courses or workshops in photography, lightning, styling, and editing.

  • Learn the latest trends in fashion photography from online tutorials, magazines, and blogs.

  • Learn how to take professional portraits to draw people's attention.

You'll Like This Career If:

Miley Cyrus says,

You're a creative person. ✅

You have artistic ability and a good eye for composing aesthetic visuals. ✅

You have strong communication skills. ✅

You prefer hands-on training and on-the-job experience to traditional university education. ✅

Choose Another Career Path If:

A man says,

You'e not interested in learning technical knowledge relevant to cameras and editing. ❌

You're not interested in taking training courses and attending workshops. ❌

You're not interested in working with people a lot. ❌


Steve has gained some experience and wants to become a freelancer. What should he do to improve his skills? Select all that apply:

What Can You Expect to Earn?

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The average salary in the U.S. for a fashion photographer is 79000 USD.

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The average salary in Canada for a fashion photographer is 39000 CAD.

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