Picture yourself in the spotlight on stage. Does the thought of regularly performing and expressing yourself through dance excite you?

Your passion for dance could become a career! So what does it take?

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Experience Is Necessary

It takes more than just a love of dancing! In order to turn this into your career, you need extensive training and experience.

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Professional dancers typically have:

  • Been training since they were young

  • Experience in dance academies or conservatories

  • A degree from a University - Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) or Bachelor of Art (BA)

A Day In The Life...

Dancers can have irregular schedules and need to be flexible. Routines can change frequently. Your schedule might look something like this:


  • Stretching and conditioning

  • Technique classes

  • Workshops


  • Rehearsals for upcoming performances (6-8 hours or longer)


  • Performances or events

  • Stretching and injury prevention (icing, foam rolling, massages)

Where Can You Find Work As A Dancer?

To find work as a dancer, you'll need to decide your path. Are you hoping to dance on Broadway, in a company, or as a freelancer?

To Land a Job...

  • You may need to relocate. Dancers can find the most opportunities in large cities such as Los Angeles or New York City.

  • You'll need to seek out auditions. Working with an agent can help.

  • Check out regional theatre, concert dance, or local studios for posted castings.


A professional dancer should...

Will Being A Dancer Pay The Bills?

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The average salary in the USA is about $47,600/yr or $23/hr

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The average salary in Canada is about $56,500/yr or $27/hr


  • Dancers may need a second job for a more stable income depending on the nature of their work

  • Cost of living is higher in big cities

Is This Career For You?

This could be the right fit if...

  • You have a passion for storytelling and expressing yourself through movement

  • You're committed to consistently refining and strengthening your technique

  • You're ready to self-promote in order to land your dream job

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This might not be the best fit if...

  • You aren't willing to work long hours or sacrifice your evenings and weekends

  • You do not have enough dance experience to feel comfortable auditioning for roles

  • You're looking for a full-time, consistent day-to-day job

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