First things first, what exactly is "Customer Success"?

Customer Success is when a customer achieves their Desired Outcome through their interactions with a company .

Customer Success is a new term for customer service activities that help a customer thrive when using a product after purchase. With the rise of the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model, it's become an increasingly necessary job.

A customer success specialist helps an organization ensure that customers come back to buy the product year after year.

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How Does A Customer Success Specialist Drive (Great) Success?

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Short answer: make sure customers are happy with their experience with both the company and the product!

Long answer: complete various tasks on a day-to-day basis, like...

  • Onboard and train new customers to help them get up and running with your product or service.

  • Partner up with other teams to help answer customer questions and resolve issues.

  • Check-in with customers and flag any issues that may arise.

  • Constantly ask yourself, was the customer able to achieve the value they sought for when coming on board?


Which skill is most helpful in this kind of role?

But Does This Pay The Bill$?

The three major types of pay structure for customer success specialists are:

  • Base Only — base salary with no bonus or variable component

  • Base + Bonus — base salary with a small bonus structure

  • Base + Variable – base salary with a variable component, usually when the role includes sales quotas

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Here's what you should expect to make, on average:

Flaticon Icon In Canada

$42,000 CAD

Flaticon Icon In the US

$48,000 USD

Where Can You Work As A Customer Success Specialist?

Short answer:


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Long answer:

While the majority of job opportunities are within software companies, Customer Success is not limited to tech. As more people get used to subscription-based relationships with companies, other industries are adopting recurring revenue models:

  • Consumer products

  • Car companies

  • Entertainment

  • Furniture

  • Transportation

  • Food

  • …and more!


What is the "primary" role of a customer success specialist?

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