Jim Carey dancing in a tutu. Elderly people dance behind him on a lawn.

Do you feel like you were born to be a dancer?

Do you want to break it down like Jim Carrey in a tutu but with a touch of elegance and grace?

Then being a ballet dancer might be the right career for you if you're willing to put in some hard work!

What does it take to get into ballet?

An animated hippo in a tutu jumping up and down on its toes.

As Malcolm Gladwell explains in his book Outliers, it takes an average of 10,000 hours to become an expert in anything.

You'll need to dedicate A LOT of your time to practicing ballet. It takes roughly 9 years to become a professional ballet dancer (depending on your capabilities it can take less or more time).

Exercises such as pilates, yoga, and plyometrics can help with strength when it comes to ballet. You'll also have to follow a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Do you have the personality of a ballet dancer?

A child doing ballet in a bathroom. They use plastic cups on their feet for ballet shoes.

We all know how ballet dancers can look so perfectly poised and graceful on stage. It's beautiful to look at, but also kind of makes you wonder,''Are they just born this way?''

Unfortunately, they're not!

Remember how I mentioned that they practice A LOT? The practice sessions require focus, concentration, and discipline as dancers strive to perfect their technique, refine their movements, and develop their artistry.

Ballet dancers are known to have:

  • Discipline and perseverance ✓

  • Attention to detail ✓

  • Passion and commitment ✓

  • Strong work ethic ✓

  • Self-motivation ✓

  • Resilience ✓


Sarah has been practicing ballet for 6 weeks. She finds it hard to master basic moves. What should she do?

Is this the right career for you?

A young ballerina doing the splits. Photo by Rebecca Chandler on Unsplash

  • Are you passionate about dancing and performing arts? Then go for it!

  • Do you love expressing your emotions and telling stories through movements? It might be your calling!

  • Do your physical abilities have the potential to meet the physical demands of ballet training and performance? You're on the right path!

What else do you need to know?

Ballet isn't for people who are looking for quick results. It requires patience! It's impossible to think you'll master ballet within just a year!

Say it with me one more time: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE is what makes you perfect here.

You have to put up a fight each time your mind wants to give up to take the easier route. You have to persevere — there are no shortcuts on the road to perfection!

Lucille Ball practising ballet. Her instructor points out her errors with a stick.

What is the salary of a professional ballet dancer?

A man swiping dollar bills. The text reads,

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for a ballet dancer is $64,729 per year in Canada and it can go up to $97, 000 depending on your experience level.

As for the U.S., the average salary for a ballet dancer is $76,330 and can go up to $125,000.

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