Some people think that we're either born creative, or not.

But the truth is: creativity can be trained like a muscle.

You can be a self-trained innovator as long as you exercise creativity until it becomes your natural way of thinking.

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Work Your Creative Muscle

  • Daydream. The best way to free your imagination is daydreaming. Be sure to spare a moment for your mind to wander, even when tons of work awaits. Many people find that they have the best ideas when they're out for a run or taking a shower - not sitting at a desk.

  • Change the scenery. Familiar environments lead us to familiar ways of thinking.Going new places stimulates fresh ideas. In seeking creative answers, try to switch your situation to an unfamiliar one and see how your responses change.

  • Build an idea bank. Shorter attention spans stop us from diving deep. Let's look at the bright side. When you have a new idea, even if it isn't fully formed, write it down. You may find it valuable later.

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  • Go to extremes. The golden rule of creativity is there are no rules. Forget the normal rules or restraints. Opening yourself to possibility outside of your normal boundaries will help you discover what directions your creativity takes.

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  • Invite new opinions.

    Worrying about being professional can stifle your imagination. Try to invite insights from diverse groups of people, even if you think they are irrelevant to your field. Communicate with them regularly and analyze problems through different lenses.


What will render your creativity inactive in a fast-paced work environment?

Meet Wendy

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Wendy has been staring at her computer screen for hours. She's trying to come up with a creative ending for her short story, but is feeling a creative block.


How can Wendy overcome her creative block?

Take Action

Creativity isn't a born gift. It takes effort and grows stronger with practice.

Try to intentionally use creative thinking and problem solving in your daily life, and don't let that valuable asset go untouched.

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Do you have an idea bank? If not, start one today on paper or as a note in your phone.


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