Do you have a lot to do but don't know where to start?

The Eisenhower Decision Matrix can help you figure it out!

Start by writing down a list of all of the tasks you need to do.

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Categorize Tasks

Next, categorize each task into one of four quadrants based on importance and urgency.

Focus most of your time on the important tasks in the top two quadrants.

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Do First

Complete tasks that are both important and urgent first.

Important tasks usually have consequences if they don't get done.

Urgent tasks usually have an upcoming deadline in the next two days.

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Which task should you do first?

Do Later

Schedule a time to complete tasks that are important, but not urgent to make sure they still get done.

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If a task is urgent, but less Important for you to complete personally, delegate it to someone else.

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Which task should you delegate to someone else?


Tasks that are not urgent and not important are not worth doing, so you can safely delete them from your to do list.

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Take Action

Don't let a long list of tasks overwhelm you.

Use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix to help you figure out which tasks to do first.

Try It!

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