Menstruation, the most distinct rite of passage for girls entering into womanhood, is a natural process. However, not all young girls are equipped with the skills to go through a hygienic period. It's vital to help girls manage their period with knowledge, privacy, and dignity.

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Here are some tips to stay clean in menstrual cycles.

  • Choose the right feminine hygiene products

    No matter what you use during periods, try to find the right one for you. Unfit products might cause rashes or infections.

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  • Change at regular intervals

    Use a new sanitary pad every six hours. If you prefer a tampon, be sure to change it every two hours, even at low flow.

  • Watch out for Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)

    For tampons users, it's vital to protect yourself from TSS, a complication caused by bacteria getting into the blood stream and releasing toxins. Changing your tampon regularly and and alternating using pads lowers the risk.

  • Clean your body correctly

    Washing your private parts is important to kill bacteria and manage bad odours. Use warm water and unscented soap.

  • Dispose of used sanitary materials properly

    Roll it up and wrap it in a piece of paper. If you have a special disposal bag, use it.

    Never flush sanitary materials down the toilet! And try environmentally-friendly products such as reusable menstrual pads and menstrual cups.


What is the best way to discard used sanitary pads?

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Sometimes, pains, odours, or embarrassment may be side effects during your periods.

But menstrual hygiene is not only about health, it's also about dignity.

If you want a life without period-problems, try out these simple tips! Were any of these tips new to you? If so, share what you've learned with a friend!


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