Are you looking to become a teacher? Are you already teaching, but you’ve just spotted the perfect summer training?

You can earn scholarships to help you finance your teaching dreams!

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Still...searching “scholarships for teachers” gives TONS of results.

They may lead you directly where you need to go, but there can also be too many to sort through.

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You can tweak your search to find more focused results, where you are more specifically qualified, with less competition.  Flaticon Icon

Search in these 4 areas to discover scholarships for teachers in the US. 

1. Search by Subject

What field are you teaching in? Are you teaching in a particular tradition, like Waldorf or Montessori?

Many fields and traditions have organizations and associations that offer scholarships for teachers or provide information about where to find them.

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If you’re a math teacher (or planning to become one), you could search for “math teacher association.” One of the results might be the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, which has a tab called “Grants & Awards” on its homepage. From that tab, you can search further to discover scholarships for teachers.

2. Search by Location

Does your area have any teacher associations or resource hubs? Teacher groups for your subject?

These groups often sponsor or provide information about locally available scholarships. Since eligibility is limited to a certain geographic area, you may have less competition for these awards.

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If you’re looking to become a teacher in California, a search for “California teacher resources” may bring you to TEACH California. This group helps you plan your journey to teaching in the state, including how to find scholarships and other financial aid.

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Let’s say you’re a Latin teacher in Connecticut. This is a small state, so you may want to take a more regional approach. Searching for “Latin teacher association New England” may connect you to the Classical Association of New England, which has a lot of information about scholarships for teachers.

3. Search by Demographics

Are you a member of a marginalized demographic, or onethat is underrepresented among teachers? Some organizations are trying to increase representation by offering scholarships specifically for you. 

Consider search terms that highlight your individual demographic factors, such as racial identity, family background, and earlier life experiences.

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A search for “Black teacher scholarships” might lead you to the Center for Black Education. Looking around their website (or using the search function there), you can find information about their fellowships, which include scholarships and stipends.

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If you're a first-generation, lower-income (FGLI) student, searching for “FGLI teacher scholarships” may bring up Rise First, which provides information about a wide range of scholarships.

4. Search by Employee Benefits

Many teachers’ unions have information about scholarships for teachers and other financial awards. Independent schools may have endowed scholarships for teachers working there. 

Your parent/guardian’s employer may even sponsor scholarships that you can apply for!

Typically, scholarships and grants are listed in an employer or union’s benefits information, or you can talk with the organization’s human resources officers.

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For an aspiring teacher in Iowa, using the terms “Iowa teacher’s union” leads to the Iowa State Education Association, which offers scholarships for teacher training.

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A US Armed Forces member could search for “military teacher scholarships.” This may show them the Troops to Teachers Program, which includes scholarships and other financial aid.

Quiz: Jordan's Search

Meet Jordan (pronouns: they/them), who is passionate about teaching history.

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In college, they earned a degree in history and a basic middle grades teaching license. After teaching for four years in Minnesota, they want to move to the next level of licensure (and pay) and qualify for higher leadership roles in their district.

These goals require graduate school, and Jordan is now looking for scholarships to avoid taking on more student loans.


Jordan feels daunted by the pages and pages of search results when they type in “scholarships for teachers.” Which of the following search terms would most help them narrow down the options? Select all that apply:

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