Have you ever wanted to hunt for treasure?

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Now you can with geocaching!

It's a great way to explore the outdoors, discover new beautiful locations, and get some exercise...all while having fun!

What is Geoaching?

Geocaching is the world's largest modern-day treasure hunt.

tupperwear container hidden under tree branches in the woods Image courtesy of Kitzzy Aviles

How it works:

  1. People all over the world hide "treasure" (aka geocache)

  2. They publish the GPS coordinates on Geocaching.com

  3. You use your smartphone to find the treasure

  4. ALWAYS bring a pen to sign the log when you find it

You never know what you'll find or where the coordinates will lead you, but that's part of the fun!

Let's look at 3 ways you can get the most out of your next geocaching adventure.

1. Rediscover play

Remember when you were little and you spent all day playing and any little thing made you happy?

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As we grow up, we get busy and forget to play. Geocaching is a great way to bring out your inner child and find joy in the little things again.

A green geocache container opened in the woods. Image courtesy of Kitzzy Aviles

An example of a micro geocache container. Image courtesy of Kitzzy Aviles

Often what you'll find inside a cache are trinkets, but it's less about what you find than the journey to find it.  


What MUST you bring with you when geocaching? Check all that apply:

2. Get some exercise

The best workout is the one you'll actually do.

Why not combine exercise with a fun activity to get your steps in?

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While there are "park-and-grab" geocaches, others require walking or hiking a few miles to get to the destination: some even have multiple destinations!

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Because you'll be busy looking for the cache and taking in the scenery, you'll be surprised at how many steps you'll log without realizing it.

3. Discover new places

Often the reward isn't what you find, but where you find it.

Nick Offerman walking up a grassy field. The camera zooms out to reveal a scenic landscape.

People often hide geocaches in beautiful places others wouldn't normally stumble upon on their own, like a hidden gem in their city.

Try geocaching when traveling to a new city as a fun and challenging self-tour of cool places to visit.

Let's go geocaching!

For your first geocaching adventure, you decide to explore a nearby park known for its scenic trails and hidden treasures. You've prepared all your geocaching essentials, including your smartphone, some trinkets, and a pen.

While searching, you come across a well-hidden geocache with a unique-looking container. What should you do next?

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A. Take the geocache and all of its contents as a souvenir.

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B. Sign the logbook with your geocaching username and date as proof of your find.

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C. Leave the geocache where you found it without touching it.

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D. Share a photo of the container and the exact hiding spot on social media.


Select the best answer on what to do next after finding the geocache.

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Now it's your turn to find some treasure!

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