"I'm not a top student, so I don't qualify for any scholarships."

A young man is sad and disappointed and is expressing this by brushing his hand on his forehead and hair.

That's actually not true! Scholarships are not solely based on your grades.

There are different types of scholarships, such as merit, need-based, athletic, artistic, and specialized, that consider different awarding factors. This gives students a chance to explore several scholarship options to fund their education.

All about scholarships...

  • A scholarship is a form of gift aid awarded to students to fund their further education.

  • Colleges, universities, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private companies are common issuers of scholarships.

  • There are different types of scholarships with different eligibility criteria, application processes, and awarding factors.

  • Scholarships may be recurring or one-time awards and cover the full or partial costs of education.

  • The scholarship awarding institution may require you to meet certain requirements to continue receiving the scholarship.

1. Merit Scholarship

  • This scholarship is awarded based on high academic achievement and/ or other non-academic criteria and achievements.

  • Grades or Grade Point Average (GPA) are important criteria.

Some other relevant requirements may include:

  • Standardized test scores

  • Extracurricular achievements

  • Leadership involvement

  • Community work or volunteering

2. Need-based Scholarship

  • A need-based scholarship is awarded based on a student's financial need.

  • The student'sfamily's financial situation is assessed, often requiring the submission of financial proofs and documents to qualify for a need-based scholarship.

3. Athletic Scholarship

  • An athletic scholarship is awarded based on a student's exceptional skill in a particular sport and interest in further pursuing and contributing through the sport.

  • The athletic scholarship requirements may vary with each awarding institution and sport.

Colleges and universities are popular awardees of athletic scholarships. Some requirements could include:

  • Athletic statistics and performance

  • Academic performance

  • Standardized test scores

  • Recommendation letters from current coaches

4. Creative Scholarship

  • A creative scholarship is awarded to a student interested in studying a creative field, such as performing arts, creative writing, visual arts, art history, and many more.

  • The requirements may vary depending on the scholarship provider and the creative form.

Some specific requirements could include:

  • Sample portfolio of creative work

  • Application essay(s)

  • Minimum GPA or test scores

  • Letter of recommendations

5. Specialized Scholarship

  • A specialized scholarship is awarded to a student who meets specific requirements, qualifications, and interests.

  • The requirements vary depending on the scholarship provider.

Some examples include but are not limited to:

  • Student-specific scholarships awarded to students based on personal, social, or demographic criteria, such as race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, family, medical needs, or place of origin.

  • Career-specific scholarships awarded to students who plan to pursue a particular field of study or career.

Zora's Story

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Zora took some theatre courses in high school and actively participated in her school's theatre club. She wants to pursue a career in theatre and is looking for scholarships to fund her further education. She has decent grades and also plays on her school's soccer team.

Her mother can't afford to fund her education entirely. Zora is, however, determined and passionate about majoring in theatre and being the first person in her family to get a college degree.


What types of scholarships could Zora explore and seek out? Select any that make sense for her situation:


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