How did you find out about Python?

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Python is a very common programming language. You'll find a lot of information and content on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube about what Python is used for.

Do you think the challenge of learning a programming language is intimidating?

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Well, you'll probably find a much better experience with Python!

How is Python Used?

Python is a programming language that has become increasingly popular in the last few years.

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Practical examples of what Python is used for include:

AI and Machine learning Icon Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning:

Data and charts Icon Data analytics and visualization:

  • Analysis and manipulation of data

  • Graphic libraries to create graphic representations of data

Web development Icon Web development:

  • Variety of libraries and modules for the back-end side of web applications

Game development Icon Game development:

  • Quick development of prototypes to create games

Where Can You Find Python in Your Life?

The answer is simple:

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Many of today's big companies use Python to implement their internal functionalities and provide most of the services that make them so popular.

The needs of both users and developers can influence what Python is used for on various apps and websites.

Some important companies that work with Python:

Google Icon Google

  • Integration with other languages such as Java, C++, and Go

  • Google uses Python for YouTube

Uber Icon Uber

  • Implementation of services — figuring out estimated time for arrivals (ETAs) and ride passages, and confirming geo-areas

Spotify Icon Spotify

  • Implementation of back-end services

  • Analysis of data to provide recommendations and suggestions for users

Netflix Icon Netflix

  • Creation of animated content and video effects

  • Improvement of user experience

  • Analysis of data to alert about system issues

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Many other popular companies also work with Python, like Instagram, Facebook, and Dropbox.

How to Decide on Learning Python? ⚡

Are you thinking about learning Python now?

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Test Your Knowledge ⚡

Girl Icon Meet Veronica. She wants to learn a programming language to start a tech career. Veronica's heard about Python, but she's still undecided about it. What can Veronica do to overcome her doubts?

A. Discover what Python is used for to see if these uses align with her areas of interest (i.e. web development, AI).

B. Think about the benefits that learning Python can have on her career.

C. Consider if it's possible to learn Python in less than a couple of months.

D. Research how widely used Python is as a programming language.


What can Veronica do to overcome her doubts about learning Python? Select all the answers that apply.

What Makes Python So Popular?

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Python is popular for different reasons:

Digital libraries Icon Libraries

  • Python has a great number of libraries that offer different functionalities and operations.

Community Icon Community of learning

  • Python's community is large and active. Coders are willing to share their expertise and developments.

Easy Icon Easy to learn

  • Python is a beginner-friendly language.

  • It's easy to read and understand, as its syntax mimics natural language. It's similar to English.

Open source Icon Open source

  • Python is free to use and distribute.

  • It's perfect for developers in startups and small companies with limited budgets.

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Python is also known for being:

  • an object-oriented programming (OOP)language.

  • a versatile language,because it can be used for different tasks such as web development and machine learning.

  • a compatible language, because it can run on different platforms and operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

How Well Do You Know Python? ⚡

Has Python "bitten" your curiosity even more?

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Test Your Knowledge ⚡

Girl Icon Veronica did some more research about Python and other programming languages. However, she's still a bit confused about what Python is used for and what kind of language it is.

How would you describe Python to Veronica?

A. Python is a language used in different areas such as machine learning, web development, and data analytics.

B. It's an OOP (Object-Oriented Programing) language.

C. Python is a popular programming language because of the great variety of libraries and modules available for Python developers.

D. It's relatively easy to learn because it's similar to English.


Which explanations best describe what Python is used for and what kind of language it is? Select all that apply.

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