Have you been spending hours on Zoom? Google Meet? Webex?

  • How long does it take before you start reading emails, scrolling on your phone, or mentally checking out?

  • How often do you ask someone, "Can you repeat the question?"

By following basic etiquette for virtual meetings, you and your coworkers will:

  • Save time

  • Be more productive

  • Complete meetings on time

  • Stay focused during meetings

1. Check Your Tech.

The reason for virtual meetings is to see and hear each other clearly, so make sure your tech doesn't lead to frustrations!

  • Make sure that your camera, speakers, and microphone are working before the meeting starts.

    • This may include headphones, ear pods, external microphones, or webcams.

  • Check that your internet connection is working and stable.

  • Test any other feature that may be needed in the meeting:

    • Screen sharing

    • Presentation software

    • Polls, breakout rooms, etc.

A person experiencing computer trouble

Consider any other tools needed during the meeting: pens, notebook, drink, and having your meeting notes open and ready to go.

Person with loptop, phone, notebook Photo by Headway on Unsplash


I have a meeting at 9am. It's 8:50 and my camera isn't working. What should I do?

2. Mute Your Microphone

Before the meeting starts, make sure that your microphone is muted.

  • This will avoid any unwanted sounds interrupting the flow of the meeting.

  • Unmute only when it's your turn to speak.


You're not speaking during a zoom presentation. Should you be muted?

3. Be Aware Of The Agenda Or Meeting Goals

  • Know the agenda before the meeting.

  • If one isn't shared, ask what topics will be covered so you can prepare in advance.

  • Ask yourself: How can I contribute to the meeting topics?


The meeting ran overtime and still didn't cover all of the material that I wanted because people kept interrupting me with questions. What could I do next time?

4. Stop Multitasking And Consider Taking Notes

Focus on the meeting!

  • Only when you're focused can participate in the discussion with your best suggestions, ideas, and questions.

  • Ask yourself: What are your main distractions in meetings?

    • Consider muting chat tools

    • Use full-screen view on the virtual meeting platform to prevent browsing other sites

Taking personal notes is an easy way to remember what's covered and tune out other distractions, and it might be a helpful reference for later.


I missed some of the key points of the meeting because I was distracted. Now I'm lost. What should I do?

5. Choose A Simple Background

Make sure that your background is not distracting. You want participants to focus on you and your message, not your background.

A person looking at two laptops Photo by Shivam Gandhi on Unsplash


I can't decide on my background. What should I chose?

Take Action

The next time you're in a virtual meeting, remember the keys to making your meeting as effective as possible:


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