Your college tuition fee is due next week, but you are completely out of money.

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Suddenly, you remember that your friend owes you some money.

Does the thought of asking them to pay you back make you squirm?

Don't Ruin Your Friendship!

Friends are extremely important in our everyday life.

Remember that before asking your friend for the money and do it in a polite and appropriate manner.

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Ask Directly

The best option to ask your friend for the money is to ask them directly.

  • Reference what you loaned them the money for to help their memory.

Hey, would you be able to pay me back the $50 for that ticket to the Shakira concert?

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Things To Avoid

  • Being rude

    If you care about your friendship, don't get mad. There's always a possibility that your friend might have forgotten about the money.

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  • Telling his friends/family

    Don't talk about the incident with their friends or family before asking them directly. It can create a really awkward situation for your friend.

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Which of these would be a good way to add urgency to asking your friend to pay you back without being rude?

What If Things Don't Work Out?

You've tried everything, but they simply don't want to pay the money back. Things can get pretty tricky and intense from here.

  • Set a deadline

    If asking nicely doesn't work, be more direct and set a deadline. Some people respond better when there is a timeline.

    Okay, could you pay me back by next Friday? You can send it over venmo.

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  • Ask them to repay some of the money

    If they're going through a financial crisis and can't pay the money, ask them to repay at least some of the money.

    Can you pay me back half this week? We can wait until your next payday for the rest.

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  • Think if it's really worth it or not

    Sometimes we need to make sacrifices for our own good. You're in a pretty bad situation, but it seems like your friend doesn't get it.

    Whatever, I guess I lost $20. I won't loan money to this friend again.

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Take Action

Asking friends to repay money can be tricky and awkward. Follow these steps to do that without costing your friendship:

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