Are you frustrated with the seemingly short lifespan of your cell phone or tablets?

Do you want to stay up to date with the latest technology, but also avoid contributing to:

  • Landfills

  • Climate change

  • And hyper-consumerism?

Read on for tips on how to avoid this kind of situation when it comes to your devices:

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Take Care Of Your Devices

Don't let this be you:Baby Elephant It Is Broken GIF by jagheterpiwa

  • Avoid leaving your device lying in direct sunlight

  • Avoid getting your device wet

  • Avoid dropping your device

  • Use a strong protective case

When You Start Eyeing A New Phone...

...hold off and hang onto your hard-earned money!

Get cash for recycling

Instead consider:

  • Buying a refurbished phone

  • Buying a phone from last season

  • Waiting until the phone you want now is "last season"

Recycle Your Electronics

Take your sustainability even further!

Recycling your device means that someone else will get to use it next.

One option in the US is ecoATM, with kiosks around the country that provide cash back on the spot.

Look up ecoATM or a similar service local to you.

As a bonus, you'll have extra cash that you can put toward your next device!


Tanya's phone is 2 years old and getting a little slow. What might be a good option if she wants to make a sustainable and cost effective choice?

Take Action

Are you ready to up your device sustainability game?

This could be you!

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