You’ve been job hunting and have had several interviews for a position you're really excited about. 

Then, the interviewer says, “If we offered you a different role than you're applying for, would you accept it?”

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How should you respond?

You'll need to take a few things into consideration before you can give an answer.

Don't Panic

If a recruiter asks you to consider a role outside of the one you applied for, that’s good news! Though you're surprised, it means they saw something in your application that made them picture you at the company.

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What the Interviewer Really Wants to Know

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You were excited about the role you originally applied for, but you're curious about what this new opportunity holds.

How should you respond?

Icon of person with a speech bubble You could say:

I’m glad you saw my skills as a good fit at ____. Can you tell me about the role you have in mind?

This shows you’re interested and that you’re open-minded. 

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Things to Consider

Consider the opportunity and see if it aligns with your goals. 

Think about your goals in 2 buckets: professional and personal.

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  • Will this new role allow the same or more professional growth than the one you applied for? 

  • Will this new role allow you to learn different things that could present extra opportunities in your future? 

  • Does this new role have the same level of seniority?


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  • Will this new role fulfill your personal interests at work?

  • Will this new role meet your financial needs?

  • Will this new role provide the benefits you need?

Making a Decision

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After you consider your goals and the proposed role, decide if you want to pursue this unexpected opportunity. 

You might reply with:

  • Can I have some time to consider the role?

  • By when do you need my decision?

  • Can I clarify some of the job responsibilities?

Whether or not you choose to pursue the job, be sure to thank the recruiter. You might be working with them, or maybe they'll think of you again for another role in the future!

⚡Try It!

After going through several rounds of interviews, the interviewer says, “If we offered you a different role than you're applying for, would you accept it?

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You're not 100% sure what to do. You're passionate about the original position you applied for, but you really like the company. What's the best way to respond?

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I'm really focused on applying for jobs that allow me to use the strengths that I listed in my application. I think I would be a great addition to the team in the original role that was listed.

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Thank you for thinking of me for an alternate role in the company. I’m open to another position and would like to hear details about it. I really believe in the organization’s mission and would love to be a part of it.


How should you respond?

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