You've dressed for the part and reviewed every interview question you could find. You feel unstoppable. And then your interviewer asks:

"Why is there fuzz on a tennis ball?"

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Don't panic! Although unexpected, this question is not meant to test your knowledge of tennis balls. The interviewer is just trying to determine:

  • how well you respond under pressure

  • how creative you can be

  • how your thought process works

Mistakes To Avoid

Although there is no right or wrong answer to this question, there are better and worse approaches.

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  • Get frustrated by the question if you can't think of an answer

  • Act like you are above answering this question

  • Answer with "I don't know" and leave it at that

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  • Stay calm and ask for a moment to think about it

  • Take this question seriously and answer the best you can

  • Give an educated guess or get creative with your answer if unsure

How To Answer "Why Is There Fuzz On A Tennis Ball?"

Flaticon Icon Scenario #1

If you're applying for a financial analyst position, you can use your best educated guess and say:

"That is a great question and one I have not thought about. I would think the fuzz on a tennis ball helps to slow down the ball so that the players can have more controlled serves and returns."

Flaticon Icon Scenario #2

If you're applying for a woodworking role, you can try to get creative with your response and say:

"I think there is fuzz on a tennis ball to help prevent the floor from scuffing when placed at the bottom of a chair leg."

Take Action

There's no need for a lengthy explanation to this question. Your interviewer knows you are not a tennis ball expert, they are just trying to see how you would react to a situation you did not prepare for.

So let your personality shine through when answering this question and don't be afraid to get creative!

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