Time management is so important on the job!

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Imagine you're almost done with a job interview, and the interviewer asks this final question:

"What is your approach to time management?"

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You can use the STAR method and time management strategies to nail your answer to this question!

Why is this question frequently asked in an interview?

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The interviewer wants to determine if you can deliver tasks on time without any compromise in quality. They also want to know if you can:

  • Prioritize and organize work

  • Multitask effectively

  • Effectively manage workload

  • Manage stress and scheduling conflicts

  • Meet deadlines

How can you answer this question?

You can craft a compelling story about your approach to time management using the STAR method, a technique you can use to answer behavior-related interview questions, drawing on your real-world experiences in dealing with challenges.

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Here is an example of a response using the STAR Method:

I employ a number of strategies to make sure I can keep up with my deadlines. When I have less work to do, I've discovered that a straightforward to-do list is a fantastic method to keep track of tasks. It enables me to prioritize the jobs and cross them off when they are accomplished.

I use my calendar if my workload is more complicated. This helps me schedule time for different tasks, set alerts to remind me of approaching due dates, and enhance overall tracking.


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Time Management Strategies

Impress your interviewer by highlighting one or more of these time management strategies in your response to the question:

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Here is an example of a response highlighting the use of a time management tool:

I feel time management is undeniably an essential skill. My approach will be to use effective tools to track time and prioritize tasks.

In my previous role, I was really overwhelmed by the amount of work. I had to train 15 employees, onboard them and complete an extensive report about their performance in the first week. I had to complete this while handling another cross-training for managers.

I started using an app that allows me to create task lists, Kanban boards, and spreadsheets and shared it with my teammates. It gives me a good visual of my workload and helps me track time and prioritize urgent tasks. I never felt overwhelmed with workload since.

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Helpful Tips

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As you prepare your response to the question, remember to:

  • acknowledge the importance of your time management approach

  • express your ability to meet deadlines

  • explain how your approach to time management will benefit the role and the company

  • keep it simple and to the point

Take Action

Answer the question "What is your approach to time management?" with confidence!

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