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Proud can mean different things to different people. What does pride mean to you?

Other Ways Someone May Express That They Are Proud Of You

  • I'm glad you...

  • I appreciate that you...

  • I'm impressed by what you did when...

  • I'm so pleased that you...

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When Someone Says They Are Proud Of You

You might feel like this when someone says they are proud of you.

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Pride is not always a bad thing!


When someone tells you that they are proud of you, not only are they impressed by something you did and who you are, but they also want others to know it.

Embrace Pride

There are positive reasons to listen when someone says they are proud of you. By accepting the compliment and reflecting on your qualities, you may feel more satisfied in life.  Success Kid

Reflect On What They're Proud Of

Why might someone say they are proud of you? It could be due to a major accomplishment like graduating from college.

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Other times, it's because you've impressed someone - even if you feel like a failure. Maybe you didn't get the grade you hoped for on a research paper, but your parents were still impressed with the effort you put in and how thoroughly you researched your topic.


After catching the flu right before the 10K you've been training 4 months for, you finish in the top 50 for your age group. Your goal was to finish in the top 10. You feel like you failed, but your best friend says they are proud of you. Why?

Take Action

Stop and think about how it makes you feel to know someone is proud of you.

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Do you feel:

Finally, give yourself a pat on the back. Be proud of yourself!

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