Does this label look familiar?

Fairtrade mark Chances are that you've seen it on products at your local grocery store or supermarket.

Have you ever wondered what it actually means?

What is "Fair Trade"?

Fair Trade supports farmers and workers in developing countries by making sure they get a fair deal for their work and products.

Two ways this is done:

  1. Paying farmers and workers a minimum price that covers the cost of growing their product

  2. The Fairtrade Premium — providing extra funds to invest in business or community projects of their choice

Fair Trade standards also include:

  • Decent working conditions

  • Anti-discrimination

  • No forced labor

  • No child labor

✅ If a product has the Fair Trade mark, it means that the producers met all of the required standards.

Fair Trade and the Environment

Aside from economic and social criteria, the Fair Trade standards also include several requirements related to protecting the environment.

These include:

Flaticon Icon Avoiding harmful chemicals

Flaticon Icon Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Flaticon Icon Not cutting down protected forests

Flaticon Icon Managing waste

Many producers use the Fairtrade Premium for projects to restore nature and forests.

Fair Trade also gives farmers access to training and information on how to conserve their local environments.


Which of these are ways that Fair Trade helps support environmental sustainability?

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