You just opened a new bank account and the teller hands you a checkbook.

You think: What is this and what do I do with it?

Steve from Stranger Things in his Scoops Ahoy outfit saying,

Checks may seem old-school, but you need to use them now and then.

*If you're a bit fuzzy on the basics of opening a checking account, be sure to read this Byte first.

Why Write A Check?

Funny looking little girl looking incredulous and saying You'll probably use your debit card or online payments for regular purchases and bills, but some situations require writing a check:

  • Downpayment on rent 🏘️

  • Monetary gifts, like wedding gifts or birthday money you send in the mail 🎁

  • Opening an investment account 💰

  • Paying people or vendors that don't have online accounts 💲

  • If you lose access to the internet for a period of time, like during a storm 🌩️

Let's Do This!

A check with lines 1-6 labeled.

Flaticon Icon Date

Write today's date either fully, like: August 21, 2021 or abbreviated, like: 8/21/21.

Flaticon Icon "Pay to the Order of" line

Write the name of the person or company you're paying the check to.

Flaticon Icon Dollar Amount

Write the amount of money you're paying, like this: $125.00 or $53.21.

Flaticon Icon Line that ends with "Dollars"

Write the amount out, like this: One hundred twenty five and xx/100 or Fifty three and 21/100. Note: cents are always written in the cc/100 format.

Flaticon Icon Signature Line

Sign your name as it appears at the top of the check.

Flaticon Icon Memo Line

This line is optional. You can make a note to remind yourself what the payment was for, or even to give a message to the recipient like, "Happy Birthday!"


Jane needs to write a check for $2,500.31. How should she write this on her check in line #4?

An example...

Here's an example of a check written in the amount of $1,250.00:

A check properly filled out and signed.

Take Action

Now that you know how to write a check, practice your new skill by writing one the next time you owe money to a friend. They'll be impressed!

Oprah meme: Everyone gets a check!


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