Meet Heather:

A white woman with a confident, interested expression looking at the camera with her chin resting slightly on one hand.

I just thought that going and being an adult was more important than going to school.

Meet Angel:

A Black woman standing in a power pose looking confidently to her right.

By the 10th grade, I was just gone, I was over it.

Sound familiar?

Angel and Heather both left high school without graduating. Later in life, they wanted more opportunities and to finally complete their high school degrees.

Both found classes that matched their busy schedules, and then they successfully earned their GED diplomas.

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Online GED classes can be a great way to fit GED prep into your life. But how do you find classes that work for you?

First: What is the GED?

The official GED® (General Education Development) test measures high school-level knowledge and skills in four subjects:

  • Mathematical Reasoning (math)

  • Reasoning through Language Arts (reading and writing)

  • Science

  • Social Studies

It's offered in English and Spanish and earns you the equivalent of a high school degree.

Here's an explanation from the GED Testing Service:

What do you actually need to study?

According to the GED Testing Service, it takes an average of three months to prepare for and complete the GED.

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BUT that's just an average!

Before you sign up for online GED classes, you can take an online practice test to determine what you already know, and where you need to focus your studies.

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Paid practice tests

  • GED Ready by GED Testing Services

    • $6.99 for individual subjects, one attempt per purchase

    • $22.99 for all 4 subjects, one attempt at each subject per purchase


    • Full-length practice tests as part of test prep membership

    • $59.99/month after a short free trial

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Free practice tests

What kinds of online GED classes can you choose from?

Once you figure out what you need to study, you have many options to fit your schedule and budget!

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  • Monthly price range: $20-70

  • Lifetime or 12-month access price range: $60-200

Options include:

Some paid classes offer extras, like practice tests, advisor support, one-on-one tutoring, or courses on job-seeking skills.

You can also pay for one-on-one GED tutoring separately through services like Varsity Tutors.

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Without enrolling in a class, you can also study on your own using free online GED study guides, like those from Union Test Prep, Essential Education, and

How do I search for online GED classes?

Consider the types of classes listed so far. Which ones would be best for you? Self-paced? Free? Based in a particular location?

Tailor your search terms for your needs.

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For example:

  • “GED online classes free”

  • “GED classes online no cost”

  • “GED online classes for adults”

  • “GED online classes for english learners”

  • “online GED classes en espanol”

  • “online GED classes California”

  • “2-week GED classes”

For more searching tips, check out this Byte on using different search platforms.


A white woman saying

When you search for online GED classes, beware of these red flags:

  • Offering any kind of certificate/diploma (only the GED Testing Service can issue the GED diploma)

  • “Accreditation” that isn't actually recognized by your state’s Department of Education

  • Offering online at-home testing (currently only available through the official GED Testing Service)

  • Anything that doesn’t pass the CRAAP test for reliable online sources

Quiz: Meet Joe

Joe, who lives in Florida, dropped out of high school after a traumatic event and got in trouble with the law.

He has two jobs now, but he wants to qualify for higher-paying jobs to support his family.

He has decided to get his GED. He doesn’t feel prepared yet, but he's hoping to find online GED classes he can take at night to fit around his work and family time.

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Which combination(s) of search terms might be most helpful?

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