Your friend just broke the news, "I am moving away!"

Excited, yet sad, you feel a mix of emotions. With miles separating you, you wonder if you will stay in touch.

A group of students pushing suitcases and carrying plastic bags of clothes on pathway next to green grass. It is a sunny day. By following a few easy tips, it's possible to stay connected. I have done it, and so can you!

Challenges Of Long Distance

Remind yourself to stay patient and supportive. Depending on where your friend is headed, you may find that communicating just isn't as easy as before. Think about:

  • Different time zones

  • Different work and study schedules

  • Challenges your friend faces getting used to a new place

  • Your friend making new friends now too

  • Your friend trying to keep up with family and other friends back home

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Your Communication Plan

Before your friend heads off on their next adventure, take time to chat at your favorite hangout. Use this time to:

  • Share your feelings about your friend moving away

  • Let your friend know you want to stay in touch

  • Check in with your friend. Do they want to stay in touch, too?

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  • Remind your friend about the value they bring to your friendship

  • Talk about how often you would like to connect

  • Chat about making time to talk on the phone or over video conferencing

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Shelia just found out that Mark accepted a scholarship to study in the UK. This is a dream come true for him. Shelia wants to keep in touch, but is worried she won't have time. What should she do?

A. Talk to Mark about her feelings and ask him how he feels

B. Discuss appropriate ways to stay in contact

C. Assume Mark will be too busy to keep in touch anyway


What should she do?

So Many Ways To Stay In Touch!

It might be easy to stay in touch by text, but do not limit yourself to just this one way.

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Texts are great for:

  • Photos - of your day, of something that reminds you of your friend

  • Jokes

  • A quick "good morning/night"

  • Suggesting movies, books, and Netflix shows

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Phone calls or video calls are great for:

  • Deeper conversations with lots of back-and-forth

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Snail mail is great for:

  • Sending gifts (for birthdays, milestones)

  • Care packages

  • Cards (for holidays)

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Friendship Survival Island

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Orion's best friend Joaquin is studying Medicine in the United States. He stays in touch through daily texts but they almost never talk.

Flaticon Icon Namazzi's best friend Kristina went to Uganda for an internship. She stays in touch through text a couple of times a week and one phone call a month.

Flaticon Icon Marla's best friend Aneesa moved to New Zealand on a working holiday visa. She stays in touch through a couple of texts a week, weekly video chats, and occasionally through letters and cards.


Who is most likely to have the most successful experience with their long distance friend?

Take Action

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Yes, you can keep in touch with your friend! How about you:


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