Miranda, a coworker on your team, texts you to say she's leaving the company.

Man reading text message. Sad expression.

Depending on the closeness of your relationship, your intensity of emotions will range from feeling a bit blue to downright miserable.

You think, what's next?

If you want to stay in touch, you'll need to put in the effort. But how?

The Invitation

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Find out why your coworker is leaving.

Invite your coworker to chat in person or virtually.

  • Are they leaving for a good reason? Congratulate them!

    That's great news! I'll miss you but I'm happy you've found a new opportunity.

  • Are they leaving due to difficult circumstances? Empathize with them.

    Sorry to hear that. I hope things are better in the future.

Then request to keep in touch.

  • Keep it simple!

Is it ok if we keep in touch?

Will They Or Won't They?

It can be challenging to figure out if your coworker actually wants to stay in touch, especially if they aren't the straightforward type. They might also still be processing the change.

Read your coworker's reaction to your request to stay in touch. Do they:

  • Display enthusiasm in their body language and tone of voice?

  • Actively contribute to plans to stay connected?

  • Maintain continued communication before their last day of work?

Man nodding. Words underneath,

If your coworker decides not to keep in touch, don't take it personally. Your coworker has their reasons, and quite often, it may just be that they're busy.

Ways To Stay Connected

If it's clear your coworker is up for the challenge, there are so many ways to stay connected.

  • Flaticon Icon Professional networking websites like LinkedIn, Udyomitra, MeetUp, Xing

  • Schedule regular virtual coffee chats

  • Flaticon Icon Share professional opportunities — conferences, job postings, and professional development workshops

  • Flaticon Icon Congratulate one another on your achievements through messages and calls

  • Celebrate career and personal milestones together

It's Not Goodbye, But Stay In Touch

Flaticon Icon Bahar's coworker Raman recently moved to Toronto. They decide to stay connected over regular Zoom calls and plan to meet at an upcoming conference.

Flaticon Icon Charlie's coworker Alan moved to Winnipeg 2 months ago. Charlie recently congratulated Alan on his work anniversary over LinkedIn. They exchanged a few messages.

Flaticon Icon Lucio's coworker Fernando moved to The Yukon. Lucio added Fernando to his LinkedIn, but has yet to interact with him on the platform.


Which coworkers chose the most effective way to stay-in-touch?

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