Have friends ever asked you for advice about a job or a relationship? If you find this happens to you a lot and you enjoy it, maybe a career as a life coach is for you.

Life coaches help people discover the obstacles they face and help them remove those obstacles. It’s a great job if you are:

  • An empathetic person

  • A good listener

  • A problem solver

  • You want to help people achieve their goals

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There is no specific degree needed to become a life coach. A background in psychology, education, or wellness will help you gain some legitimacy and provide you with a good foundation to start working towards a certification.

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Why might a degree help advance your career as a life coach? Select all that apply.

Training and Certifications

Certification can take anywhere from 16-100 hours and cost $1,000-$,5000 dollars to get certified. Certification isn't required, but it will definitely help you get your foot in the door.

There are two primary certifying bodies that offer varying levels of certification.

International Association of Coaching (IAC)

  • Masteries Practitioner

  • Certified Masteries Coach

International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • Associate Certified Coach

  • Professional Certified Coach

  • Master Certified Coach

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Skills Needed

A life coach is a profession that requires a strong desire to help people. However, turning your desire to help people into a business requires traits such as:

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Why is marketing a necessary skill for a life coach? Select all that apply.

Take Action

If you do a search online, you'll find a lot of choices and options for life coaching certifications and other information. Talking to a life coach can help you to clarify an appropriate path for your unique skills and goals.

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