You are in the middle of an interview for your dream job. You're doing great until the interviewer asks:

"If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be and why?"

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         interview question.

Why would a potential employer ask what my superpower would be?

To better understand your strengths, employers might specifically inquire about your superpower. However, they want you to respond in a way that demonstrates your originality and quick thinking. Interviewers frequently pose original questions to candidates to gauge their judgement and self-presentation.

Don't panic! "What Is Your Superpower" question is asked to see:

  • how well you think on your feet

  • if you can be creative

  • if you can fit the workplace culture

How to Answer "What is your superpower?" in 3 Easy Steps:

Do This — Step 1

Relate the superpower to your personal strengths .

Here are some examples:

  • Super speed. You have the strength, endurance, and resilience to face challenges.

  • X-ray vision. You have a good eye for detail and the ability to analyze a situation.

  • Shapeshifting. You're capable of being flexible and adaptable.

  • Mind reading. You're sensitive to what other people are thinking and feeling.

  • Mind control. You're skilled at persuasion and have the power to influence people.

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Do This — Step 2

Relate your superpower to the job.

Explain how your superpower would be an advantage to the employer. For example:

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My superpower is super speed. I know that the nature of your business means you respond very quickly to events, so I think my speed and agility would be useful .

Then use the STAR Method — Situation, Task, Action, Result — to show where, when, and how you've used your selected superpower previously. Prepare a specific example with details!

Check out this Byte for some examples on using the STAR Method, to answer the "What Is Your Superpower" question.

Do This — Step 3

Use appropriate humor to show you can fit the workplace culture.

For example, if you know the workplace takes pride in being efficient, you could say:

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My superpower is telekinesis. Instead of going to a different floor to get some papers, I could just float them with my mind for efficiency and saving time. It would also come in handy when I'm floating my homemade cookies to my colleagues in the office.

This question is testing if your personality is compatible with the workplace culture. So don't go overboard with jokes, as in, "I had lots of superpowers, but my psychiatrist took them all away."

Do This — Step 4

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Provide Real-World Examples

Make your answer more memorable by providing specific examples that showcase your superpower in action. This will enable interviewers to comprehend how it relates to workplace experiences and abilities - making your response both compelling and unforgettable.

Don't Do These Answering The "What would your superpower be?"

There's really not a wrong answer to this question, but here are some mistakes to avoid:

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Don't act like the question is silly! This will create the impression that you're arrogant and won't fit the workplace culture.

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Don't overthink the question! You won't have to think much if you prepare an answer beforehand!

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Avoid saying you can't think of a superpower! Have your answer ready and show your quick thinking skills!

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Don't be overly serious! Embrace the opportunity to show your personality and connect with the interviewer.

Example Answers: "What Is Your Superpower?"

Here are some example responses for the interview question "What would your superpower be?", designed to spark creative thought:

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Example 1: Time Management

"My superpower would be controlling time. As a project manager, I take great pleasure in managing my time efficiently and helping others do so as well. With this ability, I could ensure every project runs smoothly while keeping my team focused."

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Example 2: Adaptability

"If I could choose one superpower, it would be the power to adapt instantly to any situation. Adaptability is a vital skill in today's fast-paced work environment as it enables individuals to respond appropriately and quickly to changing conditions or shifting priorities. My previous role as a marketing coordinator often required swift switching gears and changing my strategies based on new information or shifting priorities - with adaptability at my side, I could tackle every challenge head-on and find creative solutions to problems."

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Example 3: Communication

"My ideal superpower would be telepathy - the power to communicate with others using only my mind. As a sales manager, effective communication is critical in building relationships with clients and motivating my team towards meeting their goals. Telepathy would enable me to instantly understand clients' needs, address any objections or objections they raise, tailor my approach appropriately for maximum effectiveness, as well as stay constantly connected with my team by offering guidance and support whenever necessary."

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Example 4: Creativity

"My dream superpower would be being able to come up with innovative ideas on demand. Creativity is essential in any industry as it allows companies to develop new solutions and stay ahead of competition. Being a graphic designer myself, this creativity is indispensable when creating engaging designs that captivate their target audiences - without this ability I might never achieve truly exceptional work!"

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Example 5: Leadership

"My chosen superpower would be inspiring and motivating others to realize their full potential. As a team leader, I recognize the significance of empowering my members with support and guidance they require for success. With this superpower in place, I could build trust within my group while aiding them to overcome challenges efficiently towards working toward our common goal."

Take Action

Ultimately, it doesn't matter which power you choose!

Prepare an answer to show your strengths and help you stand out among other candidates.


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